Forklift Network - Rushlift Ltd - Head Office in Durham
Rushlift Ltd - Head Office operate in and around Durham
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Rushlift Ltd - Head Office are a Forklift dealer based in Durham

According to our records this business does not appear to be registered with Companies House and therefore may be trading as a partnership or sole trader.

Rushlift Ltd - Head Office are believed to be registered with the following Trade Assocations;

Rushlift Ltd - Head Office are believed to sell a range of forklifts to customers in and around Durham.

The range of different types of forklifts includes electric, gas and diesel counterbalance forklifts, reach trucks, pallet trucks, order pickers and pallet stackers.
Rushlift Ltd - Head Office

South Church Enterprise Park
Bishop Auckland
DL14 6XB

Tel: 01388 770700

"Just to let you know that made contact with the supplier, received quote and moving ahead... Excellent process thanks a lot" - P Rutherford - Enquiry Ref 2074980

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